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Dearest Jalal, AOA - It is indeed a wonderful feeling to once again join the flock of 55. You are doing a marvellous job in joining the pearls of 55 and spreading the fragrance of their lavender (mercifully not farts) in nook and corner of Pakistan Well Done Sir. Vincent Sams is in fact instrumental in this event of the century.He gave me your mail address. MY LOVE FOR ALL MY COMRADES OF 55. MAY YOU ALL FLOURISH AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE TO THE MAXIMUM TO STRIKE  TERROR INTO THE HEARTS OF THE ENEMY. ALLAH BLESS YOU ALL (AMIN). - With  Choicest Regards  GC 14760 Rizwan Ur Rashid Tipu Tiger ( The only grass eating tiger of the world)


  In response to my following e-mail on course website updation (27 October 2008) , I received following replies - Thanks everyone - Jalal HB

Dear Course Mates, AA
I am writing to you to forward a brief on the course website so that you may forward your input along with photographs and reference so that these could be included in appropriate sections of the site:
1) The first section deals with days spent in PMA - it has many sub sections (1 - 4 terms, Passing out Day, activities of clubs, a word about those who were with us but were withdrawn from PMA, and individual photo gallery)
2) The unforgettable Moments is a section where you can share your memories of PMA and thereafter, humour and other stuff, but not to belittle your colleagues.
3) The third section is about Days with Boots on - that is days after we joined the army till we retired.
4) The Days after include memories of those who left this world too early for their heavenly abode. It also has a section for the photos of father/sons/grandsons in the uniform (Generations).
5)  The section on Get Together has reports on local and annual course get-togethers.
6) The last section is that of Information - that has reports from Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi Chapters, e-mail addresses and selected e-mails from course mates to me about the website and Who is Who.
7) All those with g-mail address can also participate in our blog "55 Personals) at:
So you can see you can contribute in many ways - it only takes a few moments of your time and help us build the site. I would also request e-mail addresses of those who are not been addressed in this mail so that everyone is on board. Assuring you of my prompt services in updating the site as and when I receive some new from anyone.
Have a nice and happy living and look after those who may be helped in any way. Khuda Hafiz - Jalal HB


My dear Jalal

Here is my picture for the are doing a great job, website is wonderful and very innovative...well done. Best regards, Shahid Aslam ( Manager Safety & Security Telenor Pakistan (Pvt) Limited )

Dear Jalal, Thanks and well done for a good and excellent job. May Allah Almighty bless you. Munawar A Solehria
Jalal Dear, AOA.
Your email is always very supportive. Please add my email address and telephone number into the website address. I had send it earlier however, my email addresses are , and my residence telephone 0812443072 and my cell is 03337801482. you may also like to add my photo in the gray hair portion though, I am not looking as gray as yourself.

Best of luck - Thanks - Best and Warmest Regards - Sincerely - Zaffar Iqbal Durrani ( 03337801482 )

My Dear Jalal

Hoping you to be fine and healthy. Thanks for up-date. best wishes - Lt Col Islam-ul-Haque, TI(M) Retd, Managing Director, Water and Sanitation Agency, Rawalpindi, Pakistan - Phone: 051-5539073, Fax: 051-5539490

Dear Jalal ! It was really nice to listen from you . I always “ MISS”  these  events  very much  …………May Almighty bless you with best of dedication , zeal and courage to keep the ‘ 55 th ‘  banner very high , Aameen ……. Best Regards - Khalid Alizai

To All my friends saying Farewell to arms! Brothers! WE are all proud of you, you really deserve our salute as you successfully complete your 33 great years with one of the finest Army in the World. Serving in the military with all the honors, dignity and respect definitely needs hard work ,dedication and motivation, you all had that and showed with your actions, we all feel proud of you. Retiring from Army (or any profession) with honor and respect really makes you feel so great and so relaxed that after serving 33 years you feel you have achieved your goal/mission and handed over the flag to next generation without any spot on it. Keep it up stars*** of 55th. And welcome to the Retirees Club ,now you will have more time for yourself ,your better halves, your bright kids and more so for GOLF and buddies. Do not forget to exercise, you need it more now. Do not start another job immediately ,take some break and have a nice tour of the beautiful world waiting for you with your darling (wives). With lots of love and good wishes Jamil Bravo (Canada)


Assalamo Allaikum WRWBH! Jalal the Magnificent, Ramadan Mubarik, Beseeching Allahu Taala for your enduring vitality, prosperity, secure beliefs and Eeman-e-Mohkim, I express my very sincere THANKS for the 6 September Special, Photos say it all "SABAAT AIK TAGHIUR KO HEY ZAMANEY MEIN". Please join me in praying that May Allahu Taala in His Boundless Benevolence fashions the approaching new track of life (a la Rail Train, track changes yet the train goes on, so does the life) for all those (and families) who have been shown the signal for the change (no question of retirement, as we were never tired in the first place so RE can not be there) the most compensating, the most flourishing, the most joyous, and exceptionally satisfying POST UNIFORM LIFE. May He in His Infinite Mercy fulfill all our wishes and supplications and May He dispense us with consistent fortitude of definite conviction to live with our ideals, standard and belief. Aameen.

As regards those who are "STILL IN" lets wish them all the best as I had done in my last mail (18 April), May one out of them goes ON to the pinnacle and be the SIPAH SALAR.

Time for little reflection, for all of us, it is a wonderful feeling, (somewhat strange as well) coupled with sadness to bid adieu to a TOTAL LIFE STYLE and distinctly developed, highly protective, extremely exclusive and slightly pampering culture. At the same time I feel, it is a moment of Thanksgiving and to bow in all humility before Allahu Taala for having given us strength, steadfastness and capability to fulfill successfully the obligations of OATH
taken on that memorable day, 16 APRIL 1977.
Coming out without a blemish involving two third of our life is no mean feat and what we have accomplished and achieved (By the Grace of Almighty) bears testimony to the fact. It is amazing how quickly the years have flown past? But it is a natural phenomenon and no one has ever escaped that. As mentioned earlier every thing is temporary and Eternity Belongs to Allahu Taala Alone. The most gratifying fact for all of us, however, should be that within our limits we did our best. We served with honour, conviction, absolute commitment and dignity. We were certainly not looked down upon by anyone, our associates, peers, subordinates and seniors. A genuine Sincerity of Purpose and Excellence of Execution were always and will remain there.

As we take off the "KHAKIS" we resolve that we shall always be ready to serve again if the CALL COMES, Our relation with Pak Army is unbreakable and 55TH would always remain our identity.



 18 April 08:  Assalmo Allaikum WRWBH. JHB, so thoughtful of you  (IN REPLY TO MY COLLECTIVE E-MAIL - read below) , thanks for the wonderful feelings, I appreciate your sensitivity. Yes, 33 long years, two third of our lives and seem to have flown past like a beautiful dream. 85 percent of the starters are no more on the active list, out of the remaining 15 percent, another 10 percent would bow out by 2008-09. I solicit all to join me in praying to Allahu Taala that one (any one) from the NOT OUTS goes on to reach the summit. I do not have an iota of doubt that INSHA ALLAH, with the Infinite Mercy of Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds, someone will, cause such has been Allahu Taala,s Blessings on 55th. Remember the launch, Hassan Rafi used to call the people of 55th, a bunch of three times NRs. Who would have then thought, that this Course is destined to break and create so many records with only 177 pass outs compared to 350 plus others. Lets pray that May The Rahman shape the future of all those who have completed their innings (so far), the most joyous, the most satisfied and prosperous. Those who are in the last five overs, May they complete their stint with honour and dignity and for the STILL GOINGS, the very best one can think, and May they be true to themselves, the Org, their families and family of 55th and off course Allah Taala. For those who have left for the eternal abode, May Allahu Taala grant them peace, the highest reward and promised JANNAH, May their families show gratitude, fortitude and be SADQA E JARIA for the gone ones. Tariq-4 Originals have lost four of their colleagues, Khurshid, Salim Bari, Sher Ahmed and very colourful Waheed Haider. I shall write about each separately, as I saw them, each a special, (MAQDOOR HO TO KHAK SE POOCHON KEY AYE LAIM TOO NEY WOH GANJ HAE GRAN MAYA KIA KIYE?)
Night is getting mellowed, so long and best wishes. AKHTAR NAWAZ JANJUA

18 April 08: Dear Jalal, Thanks a million for providing a platform to the course for togetherness. Please accept our sincere compliments for a job well done. Such is the kind of bondage that will keep us together. Best regards.......Shahid Ilahi

17 April 08: Dear Course Mates!! AOA: Today is the day of reckoning - a day when Allah almighty blessed us commission into Pakistan Army some 31 years ago. While I must congratulate all of you for being part of Pakistan Army for a long time of our lives, I also bow my head in gratitude since Allah gave us so much of honour, dignity and respect. Today, some of us are not with us anymore - Saleem Bari, Safdar Jahanzeb, Agha Hussain, Saleem Akhtar, Ishraque Mubashar, Khurshid and of course Javed Sultan. All these fine officers have left behind beautiful memories to cherish. So let us not forget them when we are jubilant or celebrating. Soon after a few months, few of the remaining would also don off their uniform, which we have been wearing for the last 33 years since we joined PMA in 1975. This would leave a dozen heavy weights and a the remaining light heavy weights in the arena to find yet higher glories for themselves. Let us remain united - a unity that we exhibited on 12-13 April by going to Abbottabad and sharing our joys, laughers and beautiful memories of the last 33 years - a time difficult to fathom. Let us look after each other in our humble capacities and let not even one of us have bitterness against anyone. Let us look after the children of those who left for their heavenly abodes too early. Let us all be happy. Let the course website remain our common platform of communications and let us keep contributing to it so as to keep every moment of our lives alive, vibrant and unforgettable. Ameen Jalal HB

17 April (Day of our Commission)  Assalamo Allaikum WRWBH. Jalal, "the JUST and JOVIAL" HB, you are a wonderful man and sincerity personified associate. Your brain child, the WS of 55th is an effort which will further the existent love bondage between the brotherhood, and the signs are already there for everyone to see. JB talking from North America, AJS coming out of hibernation and TK roaring from SWA. News and Views will become an integral part of the site and leisure and pleasure will have an electronic splash. E Addresses and Contact nos of entire BIRADARI should be compiled and given space in the Ad Book. Khushis and Ghamies, marriages and obituaries, partings and meetings, everything concerning the family of 55th should find way to WS.
          I am att the list of all those who joined PMA through the Chariot of 55th or crash landed from 54th, only exception is the GM coming all the way from 53rd (Attiq), his name is missing pl incl. Please circulate through WS requesting all to provide you info regarding SUBMERGED BROTHERS. I have albums from PMA, C&SC, KSA and USADV days, sometime you may peruse and upload. Photos from the recent "beautiful ANJUMAN" org by Gajoo and his team are in my machine, you may like to have a peep. Last but not the least my E address is now with you, other one is and my Cell nos are, 0321-5014905, 0333-5242861 and 0300-5115907. PS. Once you educate me as to how I can contribute then "JANJUA's CORNER" will become a regular feature INSHA ALLAH. With Prayers.  AKHTAR NAWAZ JANJUA

14 April 08
It must be one of the the most memorable weekends (12th/13thApr08) for the entire 55th family when a huge number turned out at Abbottabad for celebrating 33rd year of the companionship. Just in the vicinity of PMA where the journey started in May 1975, it was a perfect setting of the Chinar studded FF Regimental Centre. The spirits were so high that the fellows didn't care about their gray hair, Taliban style beards, thick glasses, oversize waist line, bulging rather hanging tummies and the presence of their children (in few cases even grand children). The events were so absorbing that all felt above the skies with no care for rest of the world. A very well organized and executed programme included a fascinating Tattoo Show, brass band display and enthralling live performance by 'bulbul-e-Hazara' for most part of the night. The golfers were not to miss the opportunity of playing a nine hole match on Sun morning which followed some thrilling power gliding display. While the folk dance and band tunes made every one dance to their tunes, a sumptuous brunch was enjoyed by all. The hallmark of the event was a grand group photo and lively prize distribution. All along, the fellows no more with us were remembered with wet eyes as special prayers were offered for their souls. The rejuvenated fellows finally left the venue with a heavy heart at around in the evening with the hope to see each other next year.
Ghazanfar Ali deserves special compliments for organizing this memorable event with spirited dedication. The administrative arrangements and overall coordination was flawless. We acknowledge the hard work put in by his team to make the occasion a memorable one. Zahir Khan

22 March 08: Jalal, buddy - you have done a fantastic thing by launching the 55th PMA  website. You have probably achieved far more in substance than most of us; at least you have put us into a communicatable mode!! Can we directly post messages onto the website, is it bloggable? Please let me know. Also apologies to all my course mates for being so out of touch, but then I have always been posted to places and areas where it is difficult to find ones-self what to talk of others. I think now it will be easier with this website. I cannot come for the get together on the 13th of Apr for the obvious reason that I am here in S Waziristan and shall be in 'Pindi for the fmn Comd's conf on the 20th. So it is not possible to leave the area for so long or so frequently. However, my best wishes to all and remember us, not present, with a little kindness!!  It was sad to lose Javed Sultan and specially so when we were scheduled to meet that fateful day. We had so much more yet to do and so many miles to go, plans, hopes and dreams but then this life. I have am least satisfied that someone good will be there to receive bums like me!!! I hope the family is fine and I am trying to stay in touch with them through his brother in Pervaiz Sultan. Bye for now. Tariq Khan

Thanks Tariq Khan for this very encouraging mail - it really elevated me. I have just today made a new blog "55th's Personals" as desired for everyone to share news and views ( I hope it will be made use of. We pray for you and everyone up there for your safety and success. Regards Jalal HB

22 March 08: Dear Jalal HB, it's really nice to see all that you are doing for the course mates, Zahir told me all that once he visited me in United States. I congratulate you on this wonderful job. I wish I should see you in person, since its almost 8yrs now I haven't attended a single get-together, at times it really hurts. good luck & many regards. Altaf

18 March 08: Dear Jalal I was immensely pleased to see the website and from a Khalidite. Buck up K-4. Col Mushtaq Ahmed Khan (Retd)

11 March 08: Many thanks sir. Also thanks for stopping by my blog. Please keep visiting when you can. I will send some PMA images soon. Shirazi

(The above mail is in response to Jalal's mail, which read: Thanks for your pic - a link to your blog has been added as desired Please share your photos of PMA and some anecdotes for our various sections JalalHB

10 March 08:  Jalal Bhai, you are welcome n thx 4 the quick response. I was thinking if we could make another section of Nanas N Dadas. Secondly, if we could make a section for "Net working", "whisper" , Ask me what for? Say if any one of us has some concern, suggestions, problem, needs help/assistance, personal, business, official, matrimonial, health, wealth, etc etc, can surely put it on the 55 web site and then how he chooses to communicate openly or through his e mail, phone etc ensuring confidentiality. The basic idea is to feel really like a family and contribute as much as possible for those who may think they are more fortunate and blessed. Lets be friends like a golden chain in which each and every link is equally important, valuable and the moving forward would not be possible till its intact. Lets take due care of the weaker links and share our joys n sorrows, that's what makes a family really strong and prosperous. May Almighty Allah Bless us all. Jamil

 28 February 08: As a course we are much better organized and sufficiently communicative now. Jalal Bhatti deserves appreciation for launching the Course website which is becoming a communication forum world over.
There have been plenty of 'corner meetings' in the form of stags only/accompanied dinners or tea breaks during working hours with the visiting members the 55 family.
Our visitors during last few months included Wasif Ali Mehmood (Karachi), Abid Latif (Multan), Shahid Maqbool, Farooq Iqbal, Amanullah, Jalal Bhatti, Jamil Akhtar & Naveed Akbar (both from Canada), Akhtar Nawaz Janjua, Munawar Solehria, Tahir Kahloon, Zaheer ul Islam, Ashraf Tabassum (Bahawalpur) and lately Mumtaz Bajwa and Rashad Javeed (Panu Aqil). The next ones due shortly are Asif Alvi,Tariq Sher and Shahid Maqbool.
All these meetings have been infusing a new spirit all around by walking through the life's journey spread over more than three decades. Zahir

27 February 08: Dear Jalal,
Sorry for being so late in congratulating you on excellent effort of launching web site. Please accept my heartiest congratulation on this occasion. I will send you some latest pictures of Javaid Sultan but after some time as I am busy with Javaid’s family.

Get together 2008 will be held at PIFFER GOLF COURSE ABBOTTABAD. I am just waiting for a reply from Brig Gazanfer Ali, Centre Commandant for final date. In April there is passing out parade in PMA also so it is taking a bit long to finalize the date. Regards and love to all course mates. Col.Muhammad Asif (Retd)

28 January 2008: Dear Jalal, Assalam o Alaikum, I must congratulate you on doing which none of us could do. Launching of the website
is a great leap forward and only you deserve full credit for this wonderful job. You have made all of us proud by launching this website. I can assure u of all possible help and assistance.  Please also let us know as to how can one contribute towards  the website by way of sending the photos or the data aval with each one of us. I will certainly send in the photos pertaining to TRQ-II and myself as well as contributing by way of tributes to the course mates who have left us. I am always aval for any asst and help wherever req. Regards for the family. Shall maint contact Insha Allah. Best wishes and congratulations again. Munawar Ahmad Solehria

21 January 08: Dear Jalal,aoa
You have done a great work by launching the first web site of 55 PMA Long Course. I really appreciate your dedication and interest in the course affairs. I will try to fwd n add what ever information and material i have about the course. Please continue the good work and others will keep on joining you.
I am in Toronto,Canada these days and would definitely like to personally congratulate you for this job. - Jamil , T-3,Ordnance

21 January 08: Dear Jalal, very well done. w r proud of u. Tariq Sher

21 January 08: Jalal Dear
My compliments for taking the initiative and launching the Course Site.  I suggest to include the moderator's address, e mail and contact info of the members, members only section and bulletin board. You will have full support from me. Zahir Khan

 Exciting Offer : A friendly company in Lahore awaits for the visiting Coursemates. paring an hour or two out of the schedule would be worth the effort. On various occasions, depending upon the mutual convenience, it turned into a dinner with the selected friends or a tea break with the available ones. Any colleague visiting Lahore may inform the self appointed coordinator of the Lahore Chapter (Zahir Khan) of the visit schedule.   Zahir

I am grateful to the support and warm response by everyone who responded through e-mail or telephones. This has been a requirement for a long time and am happy that it has been done. The site can only swell and flourish and be a source of real information if everyone shares long forgotten photos and events still fresh in our memories. Already MZK, Ghulam Abbas, Munawar Ahmed Sulehria and Shahid Maqbool have shared some photos from their collection (am grateful). But we need more written material including small events, anecdotes and specially jokes that once we shared because of our innocence besides photos. Those in Rawalpindi can do it personally while others can e-mail (  ) or send through courier collectively local course coordinator.

I may add here that Muhammad Zahir Khan at Lahore is doing a good job by getting every one together whenever some outstation colleague is visiting Lahore. So next time anyone is in Lahore, make sure MZK is contacted for a warm reception and welcome beside a hearty get-together.

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